Weddings, Birthdays, Anniversaries, Grad Parties,
School and Corporate Events - WE DO IT ALL!

DJ Wheels Entertainment offers affordable prices and phenomenal service. We strive to exceed our customers expectations and needs. Our clients agree!

Why hire DJ Wheels Entertainment?
Upfront, all in one pricing.  There are no packages to sort through to determine what services you will get.  You get it all for one affordable price.  This includes: full lighting system at every event for no additional charge (client option), complete access to our planning tools and worksheets,and our complete professional sound system the day of your event. Every song in our library is edited for content.  This means everything is safe to play at any event we do. We only book one event per day, meaning YOU are the focus of our day. We are not rushing to get to another event. We do not charge for set up or tear down time.  Your contract time is all performance time.

A few things to know about DJ Wheels Entertainment?
Our dress at all events is business casual. This means company  branded polo shirt / dress shirt and slacks. We do not do the suit and tie / tux thing. It is not our style.

We do not take breaks. If you contract us for 4 hours, 4 hours of music is what you will get.

We arrive 1-2 hours prior to our contracted time to begin setting up. This insures all issues will be handled before a single guest arrives.

WE are not the center of attention the day of your event, YOU are. This means you will not hear us on the microphone 100 times a night.

We can handle all your introduction and announcement needs, but outside of this, needless microphone chatter is not done.

We use only professional grade equipment from some of the top brands in the industry (Peavey, EV, Behringer).

We do require a signed contract for booking. We also require a $150 deposit.

We don't display a company banner or logo. A wedding reception is not the place for them. We only give out business cards when someone asks for one...

Call us to setup an appointment. 304-615-3645 We'll meet with you to discuss all the details, answer any questions you might have and offer helpful suggestions along the way. Meeting your DJ can put your mind at ease knowing that your reception will be one that friends and family will remember as a great night!

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